Covid-19 Information

Here at Play and Learn, we consider our children’s health and safety as the top priority. As we continue to serve our families through this hardship, below are the steps that we have been taking to protect our children and staff:

We sanitize our Center in the morning and evening by using a hospital-grade misting machine. Before entering the school, everyone must wash hands for 20 sec.
Parents are not allowed to come inside and must wear a mask during pick up and drop off.
We screen our children and staff upon arrival with temperature checks and daily health screening.
All our staff must wear aprons (hair nets for infants -two’s).
We wash toys throughout the day.
We sanitize door handles and light switches regularly.
We sanitize the children’s bathroom after each use.
We have a sanitization station for any items brought in by parents.
Center tours are scheduled after business hours.
Couriers are not permitted to enter the center for deliveries.
We have a cleaning person who cleans our bathrooms and kitchen during the day (They are required to wear gloves and masks).
We are practicing social distancing by having children in small groups.
We do not mix different classes on the playground.
During the day, the teachers practice and teach proper hygiene.

Daily Sanitizing with our Hospital Grade Misting Machine