Welcome To Our Toddler’s Classroom!

Toddlers are very creative in finding different ways to have fun while still trying to balance themselves. We focus on language development, hands-on/sensory activities, self-help skills, music, and gross motor development to help them grow and learn while also creating a fun and safe environment.

Language Development

Language Development is an important part of our program. Reading books throughout the day provides children with the opportunity to become more familiar with words and begin to associate them with pictures. Songs, finger plays and flashcards provide more chances for children to take an active role in expanding their vocabulary. It is important for kids to develop language skills to be able to relate with their parents and peers.

Hands on Activities/Sensory

Hands on Activities/Sensory provide children the opportunity to learn how to problem-solve, compare textures, and work on their fine motor skills. Some of the activities that we provide include cooking, finger-painting and playing in the sand/ water table. These activities help stimulate the child’s senses such as touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. Our sensory table help facilitate exploration and naturally encourage the children to use scientific processes while they play, create and investigate.

Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills-We provide the children the opportunity to use their gross motor skill (aka large muscles) assisting them with walking and climbing and, using push toys around obstacles. Activities as such enable children to perform every day functions more efficiently.

Self-Help Skills

At this age, we begin the process of helping children learn how to feed, dress, wash and use the restroom by themselves. We play an important role because the foundation for self-help tasks are laid during the toddler years, but it’s our duty to provide a safe and nurturing environment to help them begin learning to do things for themselves.